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Best Amp Plugin For WordPress Website – 2021 [Updated]

Best AMP Plugin For WordPress – So today we will put light on the latest and highest rated AMP Plugin for the WordPress website. Before that, we gonna discuss why we require AMP Plugin. AMP is an open-source HTML Framework that helps us to build fast-loading webpages. Nowadays Google also recommends AMP Webpages due to the fast user experience. For users who build websites using WordPress, it is quite easy to create and make ready those AMP Pages. Just we need to install WP AMP Plugin and using Yoast SEO Plugin we can build XML. That XML we can submit on Google Search Console (formerly Webmaster Tools)

Best AMP Plugin

What are AMP Pages and Why do we need It?

AMP webpages we need for fast loading website. amp.dev has bought this HTML framework which is now recommended by Google to due to the fast user experience. You can see Thunder Bolt Symbol at the right side of AMP webpages! Which indicates that the page is cached by Google and ready to serve!

Official AMP WordPress Plugin

The choice for thousands of users across the globe in the USA, UK, England, and India, etc is listed below. Which will help you to set AMP Webpage with a single click. This plugin will help you to AMP content publishing with WordPress in a way that is fully and seamlessly integrated with the standard mechanisms of the platform. A single click will automate the process of building AMP Pages for your categories, Static Pages, Archives, Post, etc

Key Features of the official AMP Plugin

# Automatic generation of Valid HTML Markup – Normal HTML and AMP HTML is bit different so this plugin will help you to create the markup tags automatically!

# Option to choose between AMP Page and Non-AMP – You will have an option to choose whether a post needs to have AMP Markup Tags or not!

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Our Choice – AMP for WP

The plugin we have used in our Devil Touch website is Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP For WP). Maybe not so popular but the features included in it are awesome. And we believe it will help you in every step of WordPress Life! Interface you will after you activate the plugin as below!

AMP Wordpres Plugin

This Amp Plugin comes with a variety of Features. With a basic free layout and much more! Lots of Extensions included in it!

There are lots of templates available. You can choose either the free one or the pro theme. You can upload your own logo in the AMP Version, Change Designs, Upload your Google Analytics Code, Set-Cookie Notice Bar for those western Countries, Advertisement Support, Schema & Structured Data, Push Notification Support, Inbuild Contact Form Support, Comments On/OFF Toggle, Mobile Redirection Support and many more!

amp design templates plugin

There are plenty of templates to choose from and design your own AMP Website. For example, see the above image. All there are 4 free templates – Deign one, Two, Three and Swift. Devil Touch is using the Swift Templates. As the Swift templates is awesome and user friendly with good ratings!

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# Motopress – Paid Plugin

Motopress – Though it is paid but comes with lots of useful features. MotoPress AMP WordPress Plugin allows you to attach your tracking codes from Google Analytics, Yandex, Facebook Pixel, and Google Tag Manager. Metrika to understand your user’s preferences. Revenue matters so Motopress allows you to add AMP Compatible ad in your AMP Version Website!

motopress amp plugin for wordpress

Moreover It Support Top SEO Plugin like Yoast, All in One SEO Pack etc

Motopress comes with AMP Page Builder [Drag and Drop Option]. It will help you to build the layout using the Drag and Drop Option.

# AMP Stories

AMP Stories – Thinking about how to create full-screen content. Then this plugin will do the job for you. More Engagement, More Returning Visitors will uplift your Google Ranking at the top of Google Search Result.

amp stories for wordpress

Amazing! It is ditto like Instagram Stories

What you can include in your AMP Stories –  images, animations, videos, audio, and custom text! Create your own stories by filling in a simple form on a post or page. Amp story is a new functionality of AMP Plugins

Now new at the newer version of AMP Stories comes with variety of new features like you can add audio, URLs etc

# Easy AMP

Easy AMPOnly AMP Plugin creates an auto carousel using the images of the articles. Also, Easy AMP supports YouTube videos embed in your content.

Easy AMP Plugin support the recognition of Brightcove videos in your website content and will embed your videos into your AMP page

Auto generate a nav menu if there any navigation bar in your website! Some of the main feature of Easy AMP are

  • Cookie Consent for websites in Europe
  • HTTPS Encrypt
  • Analytics and Metrics
  • Social Button Support
  • YouTube Integration
  • AMP – Carousel
  • Custom Javascripts Allowed
  • Iframes etc

Conclusion – It depends on you which one you choose. You must check the updated and newer version of every plugin whether there any recent updates with good features inbuilt

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