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Best examples of a website to build in 2021

Are you stuck on what topic or niche you should create your website then we will help you to come under sun light. We will provide you with the best examples of website.

You can choose any of the category we listed below

Best 5 Examples of Website to build in 2021

We will provide example of blog you can choose as your niche but it depends on your knowledge. You should choose those niche where you have good knowledge about it. So that you can create good content regarding the topic. Don’t rush after money, trends follow whatever your heart says. We can show you only the direction but steps you need to take!

# Food Recipe

Look if you are a housewife and you love to cook you can share your knowledge. Food recipe is something which you can do unique every time. Whatever you want you can cook and share online in your blog.

Along with the articles you can create video and publish in YouTube. Simultaneously you can gain visitors both YouTube and Google. You must keep in mind to rank your pages you should add schema in your website. Many plugins are available to do those SEO factors.

# Programming Blog

If you are student and doing graduation like BCA or BTech in Computer Science. Then you can share your programming knowledge with others through articles. Create games using C++

Share the source code with others. Again it will be helpful to all the users who are new to programming world. This will help you to gain visitors and earn some money through advertisement. Don’t forget to share source code in your articles. If it possible share the demo of your project.

# Travel Blog

If you love to travel you can uncover some places which are still unknown to others. Share the photos, videos, route to travel. It will help other travellers to visit the destination. Try to write something special about the destination.

Try to visit small village areas. Record the needs help the poor ones. Bring their need towards others so that they can help them. In this way you can gain visitors vice versa the needy will get help through your blog.

Conclusion –

Do whatever your heart says but you must have some patience. It may take huge time to gain some visitors. Hire SEO Analyst and start doing SEO for your website.



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