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Best Google Keyword Rank Tracker Seo Tools/ Software

Today we gonna discuss the best Google Keyword Rank Tracker SEO Tools that help us to check our web page’s rank on Google Search Listing. To uplift our website in Google Search Listing we need to do continuous SEO. While doing SEO we also need to keep a report of the Ranking of each keyword we have targeted for each webpage. So let read the complete article on the best 5 rank checker SEO Tools which will help u to track our keyword ranking in Google Search pages!

Best Google Keyword Rank Tracking Softwares

Best Google Keyword Rank Checker Tools

So let start without wasting time. First of all we will discuss why we need to check Rank and What is Google Ranking. Google Ranking in simple language if you want to understand it denotes ranking of our website pages on First or Second Page!

# Neilpatel UberSuggest Seo Tool

This was formerly known as after that it has been a move to This SEO Tool will give you to check Backlinks Report, Keyword Position on Google Search, Competitive Website Analyis, and much more. In order to analyze the keywords, you have to visit the section named Keyword Analyzer in Ubersuggest!

Ubersuggest Rank Check Tool

If you want to keep simple as a cup of Tea. Just enter your keywords in the above box shown and Hit the Search Button. Alo you can select your Country! After you hit the Search Button. It will uncover everything Like Keyword Difficulty, CPC of Keyword, Search Volume, Paid Difficulty, etc

Ubersuggest Keyword Volume

Just scroll down below and you can see those keywords with complete detailed data like Keyword Difficulty, CPC of Keyword, Search Volume, Paid Difficulty, etc Boom! You are ready now to work on those Long Tail Keywords!

Ubersuggest Ranking Graph
Ubersuggest Kewyord Overview


Semrush is another favorite SEO Tool of mine. As it provides lots of features like Local SEO, Competitive Research, Social Media Reports, Backlink Reports.

Similarly, You can enter your website URL or Keyword to check Google Ranking. Boom you will find your data on what position your keywords are ranked on Google Search Listing Page!


# Small SEO Tools – Keyword Rank Checker

This tools is very simple to use. Often we try to find simple Tools which has simple interface for user friendly purpose. So this tool will help you to gain the results you are searching in this page like if you want to find your Keyword Position on Google Search Listing Page!

Small SEO Tools

Enter your URL of Webpage, Keywords and Select your Targeted Country to check the Ranking on Google!



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