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Best Image Compression WordPress Plugins @ 2021

Are you searching best Image Compression WordPress plugins? Then you reached your destination. The need for the Image Compression WordPress plugin is to compress the images we upload to your webpages in order to load our website as fast a possible. To check your website speed you can also visit Google Page Speed Insights or GTMetrix

WordPress Image Compression Plugin

A webpage speed depends on many factors such as CSS Files, JavaScripts Files, Inline CSS, Minify Codes, etc So, Among that Image compression is one of the factors we need to work on it. For that WordPress is the best platform we can easily compress those giant-sized images while uploading those images to our servers. If you don’t want to use those WordPress plugins you can also upload a low-sized image using software like PhotoShop or Paint etc But some are not familiar with such software. So let take the help of those Image Compression WordPress Plugins. After you compress your images you can also check your webpage in Google using Free SEO Tracker Tool!

Best WordPress Image Compression Plugins on the web!

Now we gonna discuss the high rated and most popular Image Compression WOrdPress Plugins on the web which we can use in our WordPress website to increase the performance of website. Let see those Image Compression WordPress Softwares below

# WP Smush

WP Smush – A WordPress Plugin that helps us to compress our website images like a charm. The main benefit and feature of using it are we can set the Max resolution of the image. If you want to compress an image single image then you are a free bird you don’t need to buy Paid WP Smush Plugin. But if you want to Compress Bulk Images like 50 At Once then you need to pay for it.

WP Smush Image Compression WordPress Plugin

So, If you want to use the free tool of SMUSH you can use but you want to exceed the limit of compresion of images in Bulk Format then you may need to buy the paid plugin of WP Smush!

# ShortPixel Image Optimizer

ShortPixel Image Optimizer is an another Intelligent Image Compression Plugin we can use in our WordPress Website. In order to use you need to register with your Email Address. You can compress upto 100 Images. If you want more you need to buy the Paid ShortPixel Image Optimizer Plugin.

short pixel image compression plugin

The magic is of this plugin is a soon as you activate the tool it will compress images and save those original images in a separate folder. With advanced features, you can buy the Paid Plugin if you like the Free Tool!

# EWWW Image Optimizer

Now your slow website frustrating will disappear as this plugin will compress your images like charm. Increase your bounce rate, returning users, grow your revenue with fast loading website. There are plenty of benefits of using EWWW Image Optimizer let analyse those features.

Ewww image optimiser WordPress plugin

you must use EWWW Image Optimiser for the following reasons

  1. No Speed Limits
  2. Smooth Handling
  3. Best compression/quality ratio available
  4. Intelligent conversion options
  5. Free Plugin to use
  6. No image gets left behind, optimize everything on your site
  7. All communications are secured with top SSL encryption.

# Optimole – Image Optimisation & Lazy Load

Another intelligent tool we have seen in the market. Always a leader in terms of compression of images. Moreover it comes with lazy load. So there are zero load while loading your image content. Amazing term of Optimole is that still remains the same quality after compression. It supports all extension of images including webP images too

Automate process of compression once you set

Some eye catching features of Optimole are listed below

  • Serves images from a global CDN for free
  • Optimizes based on the visitor’s actual device
  • Full support for Drag and Drop
  • Lazy load without using jQuery
  • Fully functional free version

Conclusion – Whatever you want you can use but you must give a try to Wp Smush. According to us we have found the best image compression tool in the market till now. Hope the other image compression will update themselves with lots of features.



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