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Feathered haircut for long hair you can go for?

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Farrah Fawcett’s Feather Cut was a huge trend for women’s hair in the 1970s. And like so many other fads from yesteryear, the feather cut is making a strong comeback this year. Everybody is sporting the feathery haircut right now, from actors to models. 

Exactly why, therefore, do you intend to linger behind?

Do you wish to conform to the current fashion of feather haircuts? Don’t fret; keep reading for 2022’s most fashionable variations on the feather cut for women. One of the best women’s cuts, the feather comes in various lengths, styles, and variations, including short, long, with or without bangs, and inward and outward feathering.

Many current trends are updated versions of styles that were popular decades ago. Their return, however, is always accompanied by a brand-new, fashionable appearance. For example, in the 1970s, feathered haircuts were a common trend for men and women. 

Need clarification as to why we’ve suddenly started discussing this haircut? Long feathered cuts are now again fashionable. This is the haircut that all the celebs and influencers you look up to are getting these days.

A feathered cut is a safe bet if you like to stay on trend with your hair. This haircut style can be done on any length, but it is most trendy on long hair. If your hair is long and you hope to give it a new style, you’re in luck! 

This article has compiled a list of the top feather cuts for long hair so you can take them to your next stylist appointment. To begin, though, there is some information you need to know about the distinction between a layered cut and a feather cut.

At first sight, a layered cut and a feathered cut might seem similar, but they are quite different. A feathered haircut emphasizes the hair’s endpoints rather than its mid-lengths. The hairstylist will hold your hair at a 90-degree angle and in a ‘V’ shape to achieve the feathered effect. 

A layered cut, on the other hand, will result in hair that is a variety of lengths. You’ll get more volume, your hair will have more bounce, and it will take less time to dry.

The popularity of feathered cuts has increased dramatically since the ’70s. The Rachel hairstyle, made famous by the cast of the hit 90s sitcom FRIENDS, was essentially the same style but updated for the era. The traditional feathered style has been updated in recent years. All the ideas you could want are right here.

Let’s define “feather haircut” to kick things off so we’re all on the same page.

What Is A Feathered Haircut?

A feather haircut, made famous by Farrah Fawcett in the 1970s, is a type of layered cut in which the top volume is reduced, and finer layers are added to the bottom. This stacking pattern was designed to evoke the look of feathers. This cut is airy and refreshing, much like a feather.

Let’s not waste any more time thinking about it; instead, let’s look at the list and see if any of the styles strike our fancy.

Why Go with a Feather Cut When You Have Long Hair?

Haircuts are chosen for more than just their aesthetic value; they also serve practical purposes. 

  • You can choose the feather cut with any hair length and look fantastic. This haircut is the simplest example of the long bob style.
  • This is a great option, no matter what colour your hair is.
  • This style of haircut is universally flattering.
  • Anyone of any age can rock the feather cut for long hair.
  • The layers are delineated and are occasionally even razor-highlighted.
  • Your hair will look softer and more blended with the long feather cut.

How to do the Feather Cut Hairstyle- Step by Step

  1. Decide the style

Before cutting your hair, you should consider the type of feather-cut hairstyle for the long hair you want. Whether you want your hair short, long, or layered like a feather, the possibilities are endless. Know whether you want long or short hair before visiting a hairdresser.

  1. Wash your hair

Before attempting to style your hair, it is advised that you wash it. Hairwash increases volume and makes hair easier to section. To achieve a feathered appearance, your bangs should be parted in the middle and divided on each side. If you would rather not part your hair in the middle, you can do so on the left or right side.

  1. Dry your hair

After washing your hair, use a dryer if you have naturally wavy hair. This will assist prolong your curls or waves and enhance the feathery appearance. A curling treatment and a volumising mousse are applied to add body and wave to naturally straight hair. Utilizing a circular brush, wrap hair around the face. This will provide maximum volume and prepare your hair for the feathered cut.

  1. Protect from heat

Use a heat protectant spray after drying your hair, as this style requires a curling iron. Cover your hair thoroughly with a high-quality heat protectant before styling. Use this before you curl your hair with a curling iron to prevent heat damage.

  1. Separate your hair.

After dividing your hair into four segments and dividing it down the middle, create two sections from the two divided sections. For the best results, section your hair into layers, as the curls around your face will be bigger than those in the rear.

  1. Curl your hair

Curl the hair in front of your face to begin. Take a section of hair and position the curling iron behind it. As you examine the curling iron in the mirror, your hair must be placed in front of it. Now, wrap the top of your hair around the curling iron. By curling hair away from the face, this gives a feathery, volumized impression.

After curling the hair in front of your face, curl the remaining sections in the back. A lot of curliness in the hair at the crown of your head is not desirable.

  1. Use hairspray

After curling your hair, spray it thoroughly with hairspray. Since excessive spraying can cause the curls to become hard and crunchy, it is not necessary to saturate the hair with product. Use enough hairspray to preserve your hairstyle throughout the day.

  1. Use your hands

Run your fingers through the newly-formed curls. It will add volume to your hair and loosen the waves. If your hair has flyaways, smooth it down with your hands. Curls can be rearranged with a twisting motion of the finger.

Types of Feather Haircuts

  • Thick feathers for long hair

Because many Indian women are naturally endowed with long, thick hair, this feathery style is a great way to flaunt your natural beauty. Thick feathers are flattering on all facial shapes and hair textures since they add rather than subtract volume. 

If you’ve got thick, long hair, your stylist may advise you to try this style. With coloured hair, this carefree style pops. If you’ve been thinking of dying your hair, now is as good a time as any to get the chop!

  • Voluminous feathers

Maintaining the health and shine of long hair takes time and attention. Trimming your hair into a feathery style is a great way to draw attention to your beautiful mane. 

Having your hair cut into short, jagged pieces will give you a gorgeously messy look while adding a lot of volume and shine. One of the best things about this cut is the freedom of movement it gives your hair by eliminating unnecessary bulk.

  • Balayage feathered haircut

Balayage is currently one of the most popular ways to dye hair. How about you take your long hair and give it a feathery cut to make a bold fashion statement? The feathered cut is already stunning, but adding balayage will take it to the next level. 

The layered bounce and vivid hues are sure to catch the eye. Keep this image handy to show your hairstylist and replicate this look.

  • Straight fine feathers

This cut is flattering on anybody, even those with super straight hair. This style can make your fine or straight hair look larger and fuller by adding volume and texture. This style cut is perfect for adding volume to fine hair. 

In addition, this cut is flattering on every face shape, round or otherwise. This haircut won’t make your face appear rounder than it is; instead, it will highlight and complement your facial features.

  • Layers with feathered edges

This is yet another haircut style for long hair that achieves a feathery look. It’s the best of both worlds: a feathery cut and a layered cut in one stylish package. 

Not only will your hair, whether natural or dyed, gain a tonne of volume and glitz, but the colour will also be boosted. This cut is perfect if you like to experiment with different coloured streaks in your hair.

  • Feather cut with bangs

Like how bangs hide your forehead and diminish the prominence of your nose and cheekbones? I’ll tell you what, though. When combined with bangs, the feather cut is even more beautiful.

Feathered bangs are a great way to frame the face and can be worn with a centre or side part. You should get some if you don’t have bangs; they’re super cute and on-trend.

Exactly why are you stalling? Now is the time to call your preferred salon and schedule an appointment for a feather cut on your long hair. 

These gorgeous feathery hairstyles can make you stand out and be an example to others.

Tips for Caring for Your Long Feather Cut Hairstyle

  • Here are some tips for maintaining your long feather cut.
  • Hair that has been feathered needs extra TLC at the ends. If you forget, your hair could end up in splits.
  • If you want fullness in your hair, use a shampoo that won’t flatten it out.
  • Try dry shampoo to keep your hair from looking dirty in between washes.
  • Brush through your hair rather than raking it with a comb to keep it in place.
  • You should refrain from running the comb through your hair.
  • To maintain your hair’s health, you should limit the use of heated styling tools.
  • Brush your hair with a roller and roll it.
  • Trim your hair every three to six weeks, depending on your hair’s growth rate, to keep the style looking fresh.
  • You shouldn’t make a bun or tie your hair because it will ruin your style.

Frequently Asked Question

Which haircut is best for long hair?

Long hair can be styled in many ways to achieve a sophisticated appearance. Various hairstyles, including choppy cuts, layers, and straight cuts, can flatteringly accentuate every face contour and type of hair. 
The feathered cut is becoming increasingly popular for women with long hair because of the instant glam that it adds to any style.

Are feathered cuts back in style in 2020?

This year’s trendy hairstyle is longer, layered hair was worn loose. While most celebrities shaved off their tresses to embrace bobs and lobs last year, this year is about letting your hair grow out. Layers have never gone out of style.

Are feathered cuts good for thin hair?

Yes, without a doubt! A feather cut differs from a layered cut in that rather than cutting off a significant amount of hair to reveal the layers, the objective of a feather cut is to give the ends of your hair volume and a feathery appearance.
This provides volume without removing a significant amount of hair from your head. Those with fine hair should easily achieve this cut.


The long feather cut is well-liked due to its imposing and sophisticated style. This cut enhances your hair’s appearance, feel, and volume. This long feather cut may be styled to complement different facial features. We trust you will find this article informative; if you have any questions, please post them below.

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