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How to login into Google Analytics – Sign In to Google Analytics (Tutorial)

Are you stuck on how to sign in to Google Analytics then we will make you understand the full process of Google Analytics Login? Using Google Analytics you can measure Daily Users, Realtime Users, Pageviews, Click, and Much More.. There are many online courses available on how to generate leads using Google Analytics.

So let start the login process of Google Analytics!

Google Analytics Sign In Process

We will uncover all the steps on how to login on Google Analytics – A product of Google. First of all visit Google in your respective browser whatever you use in your daily life! Then Search for “Google Analytics” in Google search bar!

Google Analytics Sign In

Hit the enter button. Boom you are ready to go. Click on the first results you see on the Google Search Listing Page! Now if you are logged in then you will be redirected to Google Analytics Dashboard or Try To Sign In using your Gmail Address.

Why you need Google Analytics?

Obviously, you want to track the users of your website. In this article, we will teach you how to generate Google Analytics tracking code and how to add those to your WordPress Website. Keep Reading the Article!

Google Analytics TRacking Code Generation

At the left corner section you can find “Admin“. Click on Admin

# Try to create new property

# Enter Property Name [You can write your domain name without extension like “Devil Touch“]

# Select Time Zone

# Select Website Category [Say Food, Education etc]

# Select Business Size [How many people working on your website]

# Select all the checkbox except Other

# Hit the Create Button

# Choose Your Platform as WEB

# Enter your domain name

# Enter your website name [Like “Devil Touch”]

# Find the Tracking Code and add the complete tracking code in your head section your website

Global Site Tag

If you are unable to add the Global Analytics Tag in your WordPress Website! then you can follow below steps

wordpress google analytics

In the above you can clearly see. You need to hover the Appearence section. And click on Theme Editor.

# Search for header.php at the right hand side!

# Add the code right before the </head> Tag!

So, now you are ready to track real-time users both in Desktop and Mobile [For Mobile You can also download the Google Analytics Android/Ios app from respective store]. This will help you to generate leads, Track user’s behavior, and much more!



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