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Best interactive map plugin for WordPress

Are you searching free map plugin for WordPress? We are here to help you out. We will provide you a giant list of map interactive map plugins for WordPress. Let check those plugins in this article. Make your website Contact US or About US more interactive in terms of Look and Feel. Nobody likes to deal with boring static webpages. Their must be something attractive and Interesting so that users get more involved in it.

Dynamic WordPress Map Plugin can change your website Look and Feel!

Is it really necessary to add a map plugin?

No, it totally depends on us. How our content needs to visible to the users. If we want more attractive and colorful then we can add any WordPress Map Plugin or if we want a simple map then we can go for Embed Code provided by Google Map API!

Some of the features provided by Map Plugins in WordPress Are!

# Street View

# Search and Filter Option

# Custom Markers and Icons

# Animation

# Zooming

And Many More

The main advantage of using any map WordPress Plugin in your WordPress website is that it is reusable. Whenever you want you can create a map view on various pages with various locations.

Let go through some of the best interactive map plugins in WordPress

Top 5 best map plugins in WordPress List

Here are the top 5 best WordPress Map Plugin we have listed below for the convenience of your website. You can install those plugins on your website. Some are free map plugins and some are paid. But you must check the feature provided by the WordPress map plugins. Really It worth using on our website for a better look and feel!

interactive map plugin for wordpress

Interactive Geo Maps

Interactive Geo Maps – A map plugin with unlimited feature-packed in it. You will find a number of features you need for your website. Map of this plugin creates interactive with regions and colored markers. If you want to display World Map, continent maps, and single country maps. It will display like a charm for you.

You need jut a minute to display a map using this plugin. You can display countries map, statistics map, travel map, office locations, projects map, representatives map, data visualization map etc

Some of the features included in Free Version of the Interactive Geo Maps are!

  • Unlimited Maps
  • Responsive and cross-device
  • Color countries
  • Add round colored markers
  • Set hover color change
  • Set click actions, like open a new window
  • Choose from different map projections (Mercator, Miller, NaturalEarth1, among others)
  • Select which regions to display in a map
  • Exclude specific regions from a map
  • Display HTML tooltips on hover
  • Zoom controls and Pan


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